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Open to all Cars and Bikes, all you need to compete is a roadworthy vehicle, a helmet and you’re driving license.

Then for as little as £45 you are ready to line up in the staging lanes to make as many runs up the 1/4mile as you want.

If by the end of the event your one of the top 4 in your class you are in to eliminations, where the first to reach the end of the 1/4mile without breaking out takes the win into the next round. Note Top Bike & Pro Comp Car are unlimited i.e. go as quick as you can.

Your time over the 1/4mile donates which class you will slot into. First time racers will be allowed qualifying runs to find their best class to race in.

If your a Class winner don't leave without your trophy.


Email  instage@manxdragracing.com

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